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A Few Things To Know About YTOT

Modern technology optical lenses are made by YTOT, one of the top manufacturers of these goods. Find out everything there is to know about the YTOT Lens today!

Introduction of YTOT

YTOT is a prominent optical lens producer in China. Production, marketing, and after-sale support for optical lenses are their main areas of concentration. High-precision optical monitoring systems, smart homes, enterprises, and autos are the main applications for the items.

Why choose YTOT?

  1. An expert research and development group

The employees of YTOT’s R&D technology center continually uphold independent innovation while becoming experts in the industry’s fundamental technology. With greater experience, YTOT employers have grown more professionally.

  1. The benefit of manufacturing

To accomplish effective and high-quality manufacturing, YTOT works to develop an automated transition.

  1. Innovation and technology

Using aspherical lenses significantly enhances image quality and successfully corrects several distortions.

Axial chromatic aberration at the telephoto end and vertical chromatic aberration at the wide-angle end are both successfully corrected using low-dispersion glass material.

Day and night confocal: Thanks to a creative optical design, the lens’s near-infrared and visible imaging surfaces practically overlap, enabling imaging both during the day and at night.


A company must provide high-quality goods to succeed, and this guarantee may give partners a strong sense of brand confidence. Without a doubt, YTOT is qualified to provide guarantees for goods and technology. YTOT is the best option if you want to wholesale optical lenses.

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