A Guide To The Best Artificial Quartz Stone On The Market Today

Artificial quartz stone has been around for a long time, and with it comes many advantages. Artificial quartz stone can be used on all kinds of surfaces, offering solutions for different scenarios, such as kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, and tabletops in residential buildings, office buildings, airports, hotels, etc. Artificial quartz stone is also easily customizable according to the individual’s needs. This article provides a succinct guide to the best artificial quartz stone on the market today.

Recommendation on artificial quartz stones

If you’re looking for high-grade artificial quartz stone slabs for your building decor, you’ll want to check out the options available on the market today. Here are two of the best artificial quartz stones on the market:

  1. BITTO BQ2204 ET Calacatta Gold Quartz slab has a white surface with coarse grey veins and gold veining that can see the golden light, making this Calacatta gold quartz worktop one of the unique and popular quartz stones. BQ2204 Calacatta gold quartz slab has antibacterial protection and is highly hygienic. Secondly, it is a non-porous polished surface with high resistance to stains caused by coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, cosmetics, etc., and can be cleaned up with just a light wipe with a wet wipe/rag. Perfect for home and commercial scenarios, is the best choice for making kitchen countertops, sinks, commercial front counters, and other countertops.
  2. BITTO BQ1109 Calacatta black quartz stone is a high-end antimicrobial quartz plate. The mysterious black of the quartz stone with white veining exudes a unique high-end aura. BITTO black quartz with white veins’ non-porous polished surface is treated with nano-coating that not only gives the quartz surface a bright color but with a unique antibacterial treatment and corrosion resistance. Black is a timeless choice for people, black quartz stone is suitable for almost any design style. Whether in commercial or residential areas, black quartz stone can create a stylish and high-end atmosphere, and it is the perfect choice for black countertops.

What makes BITTO the best quartz manufacturer ever?

Founded in 2001, BITTO quartz is a professional quartz manufacturer, specializing in R&D, processing, manufacturing, and selling quartz stone slabs and solid surfaces, with rich experience. After 20 years of development, Bitto quartz has become a well-known quartz manufacturer in China. If you are looking for a well-experienced quartz manufacturer, BITTO quartz won’t let you down.

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