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Balancing Your Marketing Campaign Calendar

You may be thinking, “Which campaign should I be using in my business?” This is the wrong question, however. The right question is, “Which campaign should I be using in my business right now?” Every business should deploy each campaign type at different times to different people.

But this point is critical to understand: One campaign can’t replace or do the job of another. An Acquisition campaign can’t do the job of a Monetization campaign. Likewise, a Monetization campaign can’t do the job of an Engagement campaign. Each campaign excels at meeting one particular goal. To maintain a healthy, sustainable business, you need to allocate time on your calendar for all three major campaign types.

If you run nothing but Acquisition campaigns, you’ll never be profitable. If you run nothing but Monetization campaigns, you’ll never add new leads and customers and, as a result, you won’t grow. If you run nothing but Engagement campaigns, you’ll have a loyal audience, but you’ll never convert your audience into customers

Choosing the Campaign You Need Now

Your business needs all three campaign types: Acquisition, Monetization, and Engagement. To run a sustainable, healthy business, you need to be acquiring new leads and customers, monetizing them, and engaging customers who advocate and promote your brand.

If you simply don’t know where to start, begin by building an Acquisition campaign, because every business needs to understand how to acquire fresh leads and convert new buyers. In the rest of this book, you can find a number of ways to develop awareness for your brand, products, and services and convert that awareness into leads and customers

Viewing Your Digital Marketing through the Campaign Lens

From this point forward, plan your digital marketing strategy and tactics by aligning them with the goals of the three major types of campaigns: Acquisition, Monetization, and Engagement. Never again will you decide to open a new social media account without knowing the ultimate goal behind it. Most entrepreneurs and marketers who are frustrated by digital marketing don’t see the big picture.

Frustrated digital marketers don’t understand, for example, that blogging is an outstanding tactic for growing awareness but less effective for monetization. They don’t realize that posting and communicating with customers on a business Facebook page can create an engaged community, but better, more effective ways to generate leads and customers are available.

Last word

As you continue on your quest to master the art and science of digital marketing, stay focused on what really matters: growing the business.

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