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Edan’s SD5: Advanced Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring with Noise Reduction Technology and Remote Control

The health of the mother and the unborn child depends on accurate fetal heart rate monitoring. The Edan SD5 provides a cutting-edge option for accurate and practical fetal heart rate monitoring. It is integrated with noise reduction technology and remote control features. We shall examine the salient characteristics and advantages of Edan’s SD5 in this paper, emphasizing how it transforms fetal heart rate monitoring.

Noise Reduction Technology for Clear Heartbeat Sounds

The SD5 by Edan utilizes active noise reduction technology to minimize background noise , ensuring a crystal-clear heartbeating sound during fetal heart rate monitoring. This advanced technology filters out interference, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on the fetal heartbeats with greater precision. The SD5’s improved low-frequency dual high-fidelity speakers further enhance the playback of FHR sounds, providing fullness and clarity. With Edan’s SD5, healthcare providers can confidently assess fetal well-being based on accurate and undistorted heartbeating sounds.

Remote Control for Convenient Operation

The SD5 features a remote control functionality that adds convenience to the monitoring process. The button on the probe allows for direct control of the volume , enabling healthcare professionals to adjust the sound level without interrupting the examination. When the probe is put back, the SD5 automatically switches off, saving power and streamlining workflow. This remote control feature simplifies operation and enhances the overall efficiency of fetal heart rate monitoring, providing a seamless experience for both healthcare professionals and expectant mothers.


With cutting-edge features including noise reduction technology and remote control functionality, Edan’s SD5 is a cutting-edge fetal heart rate monitoring option.  Edan’s SD5 establishes a new benchmark for fetal heart rate monitoring by offering accurate, practical, and trustworthy monitoring for the best prenatal care.

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