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Embrace WOKA as your trusted manufacturer of precision and quality plastic molds

When it comes to finding a reliable plastic mold maker, look no further than WOKA. With its foundation in 2005 in Shenzhen, China, WOKA has solidified its position as a trusted name in the industry.


Crafting Excellence Through Expertise

The wealth of expertise at WOKA is derived from years of tackling diverse materials, design complexities, and manufacturing challenges. This sets them apart, as their design engineers prioritize manufacturing design alongside function and aesthetics, resulting in top-notch products.

Efficiency Through Unique Mold Structure

What makes WOKA stand out is its exceptional mold manufacturing division. Unlike traditional mold makers, WOKA’s in-house capabilities enable them to expedite the creation of new products. Their goal is to achieve optimal efficiency, shorter cycle times, and simplified processes.

Custom Solutions with WOKA

WOKA specializes in creating customized solutions through OEM/ODM molds. For instance, if a company needs to produce door handles at scale, WOKA steps in with tailor-made door handle molds, streamlining mass production. This approach not only ensures affordability but also exemplifies their commitment to meeting client needs.


In the dynamic world of plastic mold making, WOKA emerges as a beacon of quality, innovation, and reliability. With a track record spanning nearly two decades, the brand has carved a niche for itself, delivering precision and excellence. WOKA’s legacy of craftsmanship, innovative spirit, and a relentless pursuit of perfection continue to define their journey.

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