Focusing On ACEM IMBA Program

The IMBA program at ACEM offers students a global perspective with a Chinese focus. As an international student pursuing the IMBA degree, you will benefit from an increased opportunity to learn both Chinese and Western cultures.

What is the ACEM IMBA Program?

The courses that are offered in the International MBA Program are designed to produce MBA graduates who have a firm grasp on both the domestic and international markets.

The ACEM IMBA program offers an innovative learning experience that immerses students in both the global economy and leading-edge management practices. The curriculum draws on best practices from across industries and disciplines to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

What does ACEM IMBA Program offer?

There is an emphasis placed on both globalization and localization in the required classes of management ethics and corporate social responsibility. There are a variety of elective courses available, such as international business law, project management, international business, and so on. These courses summarize the experiences of Chinese local companies as well as multinational companies operating in China, and they develop cases related to Chinese management practices. To increase the teaching level and teaching qualities of this program, we invited instructors who have researched China and are interested in Chinese studies. These teachers should have a background in both local and international education and work experience.


The program of MBA in China for international students is important for ACEM. With its focus on creativity, problem-solving, communication, and professionalism, ACEM IMBA has everything you need to build a successful career.

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