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Hontech Wins with Innovative Poultry Lighting Solution Featuring the No Voltage Drop Dimming Power Supply

Hontech Wins, a renowned leader in the lighting industry, continues to impress with its groundbreaking solutions. Hontech Wins has emerged victorious in poultry lighting, thanks to its innovative application of the No Voltage Drop Dimming Power Supply. This cutting-edge technology offers exceptional features and benefits, revolutionizing how poultry lighting is implemented.

The remarkable No Voltage Drop Dimming Power Supply is at the core of Hontech Wins’s poultry lighting success. Designed specifically for poultry lighting applications, this power supply is a game-changer in terms of functionality and performance. Let’s explore its key features:

DC Constant/No Voltage Drop Dimmable Driver: The power supply is equipped with a DC constant/no voltage drop dimmable driver, compliant with Class I and II LED lamps. This ensures compatibility with various LED lighting fixtures used in poultry farms, providing seamless integration.

Universal AC Input and Full Voltage Range: With a universal AC input and full voltage range, the power supply offers flexibility in various electrical environments. It can adapt to different voltage inputs, making it suitable for global use. Additionally, users can choose between 48Vdc and 54Vdc output voltage, further enhancing versatility.

Active Power Factor Correction and High Efficiency: The power supply optimizes energy consumption and reduces power wastage by utilizing an active power factor correction design. It’s high efficiency and excellent performance contribute to energy savings, benefiting poultry farmers and the environment.

Patent Digital Dimmable Solution: Hontech Wins’s No Voltage Drop Dimming Power Supply incorporates a patent digital dimmable solution, providing precise and smooth dimming control. This innovative feature ensures accurate lighting adjustments, creating an optimal poultry growth and well-being environment.

Long Lifetime and Natural Heat Dissipation: Built with natural heat dissipation capabilities, the power supply boasts a long lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours. This exceptional durability reduces maintenance costs and ensures consistent lighting performance throughout the poultry farm.

DIN Rail and IP67 Protection Grade: The power supply’s DIN Rail design facilitates quick and easy installation with plug-and-play connectors. Its IP67 rating protects against dust and water, making it suitable for demanding poultry farm conditions.

Hontech Wins’s triumph in the poultry lighting industry with the No Voltage Drop Dimming Power Supply demonstrates its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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