How to watch over/under for the highest winning rate

Sic Bo is a popular game that often appears on online gaming sites, attracting a lot of attention from the player community. However, if the player decides to bet based on emotion without knowing how to see the over/under bridge, the possibility of falling into failure is very high. In the article below, OKVIP Group will shareHow to predict fortune Extremely high quality, compiled from many different experts.

What is fortune telling?

Before considering how to watch Over/Under predictions, let’s see what Over/Under predictions are. Sic Bo is a game that originated in China and is now popular in casinos and online bookmakers around the world. This game uses 6-sided dice and players only need to predict the total score on three sides when the dice is rolled. Depending on the prediction, go OVER if the score is between 11 and 17 or UNDER (total score between 4 and 10). If the prediction is correct, the reward will belong to the player.

Although many people consider Sic Bo to be a game of chance, for experts, this is a carefully calculated game. Predicting over/under has become important in order to win and make a profit. Experts confirm that predicting is an indispensable activity when playing Sic Bo, greatly affecting the final result.

Ways to watch over/under with high winning rate

As analyzed previously, using the over/under method before betting is an important deciding factor in the odds of winning or losing. To help you make bets effectively, below are the most effective ways to predict over/under:

The way to watch over/under bets is based on repetition

One of the popular methods that many players apply is to predict over/under based on repetition. If you want to play for a long time and get big profits from the house, bet on the 1 – 1 bet.

The way to watch over/under bets is based on the way to bet

Experts have researched and shown that the genresOver/Under bet usually flat in shape. Therefore, if you know how to bet, your chances of winning will be very high. Apply this method from the 2nd game onwards and place bets gradually. There are experts who even play even money or fold to increase profits, a quite effective strategy provided that no mistakes are made in the first game.

Watching over/under bets based on the gathering method

The way to watch over/under is based on the accumulator method, which means continuously betting on a single door for a long time. You can follow the history of recent matches and observe which door tends to win the most. Then apply the agglomeration method. Raising and betting are two good strategies when predicting over/under. However, this method is suitable for players with large capital, not suitable for players with low capital or just starting out.

Watch the over/under bet based on the tilted bridge

How to see the over/under bet based on the tilt of the bridge is an important factor to keep in mind when playing over/under betting. To play correctly, players need to play evenly. At the same time, it should be noted that you should not rush to play tilt bridge if a reversal appears.

Watch the over/under bet against the crowd

Watching over/under against the crowd is a strategy that is sometimes effective. Players can decide to go against the majority and choose according to their personal feelings. However, you should experiment with 2-3 games before deciding to continue or stop. In addition, when the system sees many people placing bets on one door, it can transfer the results to the other door. Faced with this situation, not following the crowd can help break the rules and profit from the house.
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Watch over/under based on the 1:1 island bridge

The 1:1 bridge and island method, also known as “the island bridge” method, is a popular and effective method for experienced players. This term is often used to describe over/under games that have cyclical reversals. With this way of viewing the over/under bridge, from the 3rd or 4th session, the island bridge is easier to win.

When applying the bridge strategy, players should bet big in the first games. The reason is because the winning rate is often very high at this stage. Then, maintain a stable bet level in the next games, and suddenly increase the bet in the final games.

Watch the over/under bet by playing the bet for a draw

How to play for a draw is another way to watch over/under bets mentioned. Although there is often a chance of a draw in over/under betsbillion The payout rate is high, but for experienced players, this is usually not worth betting on, no matter how high the odds are. This is because the probability of a draw is very low, and therefore, players may limit betting or even not play on a tie to preserve capital.

Above are some ways to watch over/under that are said to bring the highest efficiency, and at the same time help players have more confidence when participating in betting games. By applying the above strategies and techniques for analyzing over/under odds, we hope that you will have positive experiences and significant income from betting activities.

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