Introducing Reliable AED for Schools made by Mindray

The importance of AEDs is increasingly being seen by schools worldwide. AEDs should be standard equipment on sports fields, gymnasiums, and school buildings. If a patient has ventricular fibrillation, it defibrates the patient with an electric current. If a patient has ventricular fibrillation, it uses an electric current to perform defibrillation. See some of the features of the reliable product made by Mindray, a professional AED for schools provider.

How does an AED work?

An automated external defibrillator can restore a normal heartbeat, saving a person’s life. An automated external defibrillator is applied to a person who has stopped breathing and whose heart is shocked to induce cardiac arrest. In an emergency, properly applying a reliable AED is key to administering first aid.

Mindray provides detailed instructions on how to operate an AED.

First, place the patient in the supine position with the chest up, place the AED next to the patient’s ear and defibrillate on the patient’s side.

In the second step, electrodes are placed, the electrode patch is quickly applied to the patient’s chest, and the electrode patch lead is inserted into the AED host and awaiting heart rate monitoring.

In the third step, if the patient develops ventricular fibrillation, the instrument will alert by an audible alarm or a visual alarm. Before pressing the “shock” button, it is important to ensure that no one touches the patient or publicly announces it is “safe.”

During the analysis of the rhythm to be defibrillated, the capacitor tends to charge automatically and is signaled by an audible or light signal. During the shock, the patient may experience sudden convulsions. CPR continues immediately after the first shock.


Mindray’s instruments continuously monitor the patient’s heart rate for further CPR and provide information to arriving ambulance personnel. For more information about Mindray’s high-quality AED for schools, visit Mindray‘s official website.

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