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NIC Dental Introduces EZ Series: Versatile File Systems for Efficient Root Canal Procedures

With over 20 years of file system expertise, NIC Dental proudly announces the launch of the EZ series, a comprehensive range of file systems designed to enhance root canal procedures. The EZ series, featuring innovative functionality and adaptable designs, offers dental professionals a versatile solution for various clinical scenarios. This article explores the key features and benefits of NIC Dental’s endo motor files, including EZ-CAN, EZ-PASS, and EZ-LARGE, each serving a specific purpose in root canal preparation and shaping.

EZ-CAN – Establishing Smooth Path for Small Curved Root Canals

The EZ-CAN file system from NIC Dental is specifically designed to establish a smooth path for small curved root canals. With its advanced design and functionality, EZ-CAN simplifies the glide path preparation process, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy. Dental professionals can rely on EZ-CAN to navigate intricate root canal anatomy, achieving precise canal shaping and facilitating successful treatment outcomes.

EZ-PASS – Mild Infection Root Canal Enlargement Made Easy

NIC Dental’s EZ-PASS file system is an integral component of the EZ series, catering to the needs of mild infection root canal cases. This innovative system enables efficient and controlled enlargement of root canals, providing dental professionals with a reliable solution for shaping and preparing canals. With EZ-PASS, dentists can effectively manage mild infection scenarios, ensuring thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.

EZ-LARGE – Addressing Moderate to Severe Infection and Enlargement

For moderate to severe infection cases requiring substantial root canal enlargement, NIC Dental’s EZ-LARGE file system is the ideal choice. The EZ-LARGE system is specifically designed for anterior teeth, offering optimal efficiency and precision. Dental professionals can rely on EZ-LARGE to effectively manage challenging infection scenarios, ensuring thorough canal shaping and preparation for successful endodontic treatment.


NIC Dental’s EZ series represents a significant advancement in file systems for root canal procedures. With the introduction of EZ-CAN, EZ-PASS, and EZ-LARGE, dental professionals have access to versatile tools that cater to various clinical scenarios. By incorporating the EZ series into their practice, dentists can achieve efficient glide path preparation, controlled root canal enlargement, and effective management of infection cases. NIC Dental’s EZ series empowers dental professionals to perform successful root canal procedures, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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