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OKSUN – Your Trusted Provider of heavy duty sliding door hardware

When it comes to heavy duty sliding door hardware, OKSUN is the brand you can trust. With a reputation for setting the standard in quality and reliability, OKSUN delivers exceptional products that enhance functionality and durability.

Uncompromised Strength with Aluminum Alloy Material

OKSUN prides itself on using high-quality aluminum alloy for its heavy duty sliding door hardware. This material offers uncompromised strength and durability, ensuring that the hardware can handle even the heaviest doors with ease. The use of aluminum alloy also reduces the weight on the wall, making installation simpler and more convenient. With OKSUN’s hardware, you can have confidence in the strength and performance of your sliding doors.

Anti-Corrosion Protection for Longevity

OKSUN understands the importance of longevity when it comes to sliding door hardware. That’s why their heavy-duty products feature a matte black coating that provides excellent anti-corrosion protection. This coating effectively prevents rust and deterioration, ensuring that your hardware remains in top condition for years to come. With OKSUN, you can trust that your sliding door system will stand the test of time.

Lightweight yet Reliable Design

OKSUN’s heavy duty sliding door hardware is not only strong but also lightweight. This design choice offers numerous benefits. Firstly, the lightweight nature of the hardware makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort. Additionally, it reduces the loading weight on the wall, minimizing stress and potential damage to the structure. Despite its lightweight construction, OKSUN’s hardware remains reliable and sturdy, delivering consistent performance over time.


In conclusion, OKSUN is the trusted provider of heavy duty sliding door hardware. With their commitment to using high-quality aluminum alloy, offering anti-corrosion protection, and providing a lightweight yet reliable design, OKSUN ensures that your sliding doors operate smoothly and durably. Choose OKSUN for exceptional quality and peace of mind in your sliding door systems.

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