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Stay Connected and in Control with EVB’s Tethered EV Charger

EVB‘s tethered EV charger offers more than just a reliable charging solution. In this blog post, we will delve into the various connectivity choices available with EVB’s charger, including Wi Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 4G. Discover how these connectivity options enable seamless charging management, remote monitoring, and convenient control, empowering electric vehicle owners to stay connected and manage their charging sessions with ease.

Discussing the Various Connectivity Options

EVB’s tethered EV charger provides multiple connectivity options to suit different user preferences and requirements. Wi Fi connectivity allows users to connect the charger to their home or office network, enabling access to a wide range of features and functionalities. Ethernet connectivity offers a stable and reliable connection for seamless data transfer between the charger and the user’s network infrastructure. Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy pairing with mobile devices, providing a convenient and direct way to monitor and control charging sessions. Lastly, 4G connectivity ensures uninterrupted connectivity and control, even in areas where Wi Fi or Ethernet access may be limited.

Enabling Remote Monitoring and Control

The availability of these connectivity choices empowers EV owners to remotely monitor and control their charging sessions. Through a dedicated mobile app or web portal, users can access real time information about their charging status, including charging power, energy consumption, and charging time. They can also initiate or stop charging sessions remotely, adjust charging settings, and receive notifications or alerts regarding their charging sessions. This remote monitoring and control capability offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to manage their charging sessions from anywhere at any time.

Advantages of Staying Connected and Managing Charging Sessions Conveniently

Staying connected to EVB’s tethered EV charger brings several advantages to electric vehicle owners. Firstly, it provides peace of mind by offering real time visibility into charging progress and status. Users can ensure that their vehicles are charging properly and track their energy consumption for effective energy management.

Moreover, the ability to remotely control the charger enhances convenience and flexibility. EV owners can schedule charging sessions based on their preferences or take advantage of off peak electricity rates, optimizing their charging experience and reducing costs. Additionally, remote control functionality allows for easy sharing of charging access with friends, family, or colleagues, promoting collaborative and efficient use of charging infrastructure.


EVB’s tethered EV charger goes beyond simply providing a means to charge electric vehicles. With its versatile connectivity choices, including Wi Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 4G, users can stay connected and in control of their charging sessions. The ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control the charger offers convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind to electric vehicle owners. Embrace the future of seamless charging management with EVB’s tethered EV charger and experience a new level of convenience in electric mobility.

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