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Sunpower New Energy: The Lithium Battery Manufacturing Art

Here you are in the amazing world of Sunpower New Energy, where new ideas and environmental responsibility come together to make lithium batteries. Being a China lithium battery manufacturers Sunpower New Energy in renewable energy, the organization possesses considerable expertise in lithium cell technology and has acquired valuable insights that distinguish it from its competitors. Watch as they show how good they are at making lithium batteries, and get ready to be amazed.

Sunpower’s R&D Sites and Teams

Sunpower New Energy, one of the China lithium battery manufacturers that makes lithium batteries, has a number of research and development sites and employees. The Jiangsu Sunpower Competitiveness Lab is a place where study and development happen. It has 16 doctors and 86 technology workers working there. The lab’s main goal is to make cutting-edge technologies more useful and industrialized. They are always improving product technology to meet customer needs and keep the company competitive in the market.

Sunpower is committed to progress, and this can be seen in their Changhong North America New Energy R&D Centre QUBE. This is where 10 doctors and 38 technical experts work to track, study, and promote progress in lithium battery technology around the world.


Sunpower New Energy, one of the leading China lithium battery manufacturers , combines innovative ideas and environmental responsibility. With extensive expertise in lithium cell technology, the company stands out from competitors. Sunpower has several R&D sites and teams, including the Jiangsu Sunpower Competitiveness Lab, which focuses on improving cutting-edge technologies and enhancing product quality. The Changhong North America New Energy R&D Centre QUBE also supports global progress in lithium battery technology.

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