The Importance of Safety in Healthcare Furniture

When looking for healthcare furniture, knowing where to begin your search might take a lot of work. Furniture must not only be of commercial grade but also go above and beyond what would be purchased for a conventional business. Where do you begin?

Capacity for safe weight

Not surprisingly, the first and most crucial element to consider while buying healthcare furniture is its safety. Consider the types of patients your medical facility sees daily. Ensure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay at your elder care facility, and ensure that at least 15% of the seating in your waiting area is bariatric. Depending on the types of patients you see regularly, you may require more.

Exit safely

With a safe weight capacity, chairs should have safe egress, which means they should withstand the weight and motion required to get out of them. A chair with arms should have pleasant, easy-to-grip padded armrests. They must also be able to bear the weight of an adult pushing down on them to climb out of the chair.

Points of contact

Be cautious of pinch spots. Though it may necessitate extensive research and evaluation of several pieces of furniture, strive to include as few pinch spots as possible in your healthcare furniture. Any furniture with moving elements, from fold-down trays and over-bed tables to adjustable chairs and cupboards, can pose a safety risk. Although eliminating all pinch points is nearly impossible, you can greatly lessen them.


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