The Importance of The Development Prospect of Hengli Petrochemical To Your Cooperation

The business scope of Hengli Petrochemical is the production of petroleum products and the import and export of goods and technologies. In this article, you need to understand the development prospects of Hengli Petrochemical to better reach cooperation.

The development prospect of Hengli Petrochemical

– Accelerate the layout of downstream chemical industry. Hengli Petrochemical has developed over the years to have the benefits of the development of an upstream large chemical platform, the ability to transport and store various types of scarce upstream raw materials to the downstream chemical new material industry chain. Hengli Petrochemical continues to work on the development of new chemical materials while depending on the vast chemical platform’s strategic assistance.

– Keep progressing in the direction of high-end differentiation. The building of the project by Hengli Petrochemical will significantly increase the company’s polyester sector’s production capacity and scope. The company will continue to evolve towards high-end differentiation while increasing core competitiveness, all the while increasing the scale of production capacity.

– Gradually enhance raw material coverage. Hengli Petrochemical has a reserve of PBAT’s technical equipment and processes as well as supply capability. In addition, Hengli Petrochemical is constantly exploring the needs of the new energy industry and developing new energy materials.


Through a comprehensive introduction of outside technology and internal R&D innovation, Hengli Petrochemical is aggressively pushing toward the construction of a world-class petrochemical new material enterprise with a full industrial chain.

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