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The Power of Choice: Exploring Customized Solar PV Solutions

Solavita provides you with the power to shape your own solar energy solution and independent product selection! The products they offer include monocrystalline modules, inverter, battery, and so on. In an era where sustainability and self-sufficiency are gaining momentum, harnessing the sun’s mighty rays has become more accessible than ever.

Monocrystalline Modules

Monocrystalline modules are one of the most popular choices for solar panels due to their high efficiency and sleek design. They are made from a single crystal of silicon, giving them a distinctive smooth black appearance. It ultimately boils down to your specific needs and budget.

Inverter–Single Phase Hybrid Systems/AC Couple Inverter

Single phase hybrid systems, also known as hybrid solar systems, combine the benefits of both grid-tied and off-grid systems to provide a more customized and versatile solution for powering your home. These systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners.

Battery–Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems have revolutionized the way they use solar energy in homes. Traditional photovoltaic (PV) systems only allow for energy generation during daylight hours, leaving homeowners reliant on utility companies for power at night. However, with the integration of energy storage systems, PV solutions now offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity.

Other–Mounting Support for Pitched Roofs

When considering solar panel installation for your home, one important factor to consider is the type of roof you have. While flat roofs may seem like the obvious choice for mounting solar panels, pitched roofs are actually gaining popularity as a


Solavita will offer personalized Solar energy solution according to different specific needs and budget.

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