What a Camlock Ball Valve Is Used For

Camlock ball valves stop large amounts of fluid from flowing back into the vessel. They are used in fluid power circuits. They work by quickly opening when a high-pressure pump draws in fluid and closing when pressure builds up for a short time.

How Does a Camlock Ball Valve Work?

A ball valve is a part of a system for moving water from one place to another. It controls how much water flows from one place to another. Camlock ball valves are mostly used to get water to factories, schools, and office buildings.

How Does It Work?

Water distribution systems often use a camlock ball valve because it has a high flow rate and doesn’t get clogged. It can also be used in places with high flow rates, like air conditioning and heating systems.

How Does That Help Us?

As the end user, you can use a Union Metal camlock ball valve in a few different ways. Some of these ways are controlling the flow of water, the amount of pressure, and the temperature.

Camlock ball valves can be used instead of traditional water valves to control water flow because camlock ball valves can change how much water flows through them based on how much pressure is on them. Aside from that, they can also handle high temperatures and pressures.

Camlock ball valves can control pressure when a certain pressure needs to be kept. For example, if you are working with hydraulic systems, you will need to keep a certain pressure going for the system to work right. Camlock ball valves from Union Metal can help because they let you set the pressure you want and then keep it there.

Lastly, camlock ball valves can be very useful for controlling temperature. For example, camlock ball valves can handle very hot temperatures without breaking. This makes them perfect for uses where something needs to stay hot or cold for a long time.

How To Use And Keep a Camlock Ball Valve In Good Shape

Ball valves are used extensively in commercial and industrial settings to control water flow. Here’s how to use a camlock ball valve and keep it in good shape:

  1. Press down on the top of the handle to open the valve. Make sure the clip that holds the valve in place is in the right place in the groove on the side of the valve body. Do not turn the handle too much!
  2. To change how much water comes out, turn the handle until you get the desired amount. For example, if you turn the handle too much, you could damage the valve body.
  3. To close the valve, take your hand off the top of the handle and push it up firmly until you hear a click. Before you use the valve again, tighten the clip that holds it in place.

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