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What Features Do Our Neon Led Strip Lights Have-LED Strip Light Supplier

The luminous efficiency of Ledia Lighting’s led neon lights is much higher than that of standard incandescent lamps. Ledia Lighting is a reputable led strip light supplier. Following that, Ledia Lighting will demonstrate the features of our neon led strip lights.

Limited Energy Use

The production method for neon lights and the technical sophistication of associated components are both continually developing in this era of constant technological advancement. The power consumption of neon led strip lights has been drastically lowered, going from 56 watts per meter tube to 12 watts per meter tube, thanks to the use of new electrodes and electronic transformers.


Neon LED strip lights are an advantage over other electric light sources since they can operate continuously without electricity for more than 10,000 hours.

The Dynamic Power

The neon picture is made up of a steady light tube and a dynamic luminous scanning tube, which can be configured to perform seven-color color-changing scanning as well as skip scanning and gradient scanning. A scanning device with a microcomputer chip programmed in it manages the scanning tube. The scanning tube is turned on or off in accordance with the preprogrammed algorithm, generating a pair of flowing images that resemble the Milky Way and the rainbow in the sky and are both interesting and unforgettable. Neon is therefore a powerful advertising medium that requires little investment and is both cost-effective and useful.


Ledia Lighting, a smart LED linear lighting solution provider and LED light manufacturer with rich experience, provides high-quality Neon flexible strip lights, cabinet lights, and fixtures for outdoors and indoors.

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