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Empowering a Sustainable Electricity System: HyperStrong’s Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage Solution

HyperStrong is at the forefront of providing advanced technologies and expertise in the field of renewable energy storage solution. With their comprehensive range of professional solutions, HyperStrong empowers clients to transition to a more sustainable and stable electricity system by effectively harnessing renewable energy sources, thermal power, and grid balancing. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, HyperStrong enables the seamless integration of renewable energy into the grid, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply for utility-scale applications.

Technical Specifications: Empowering Grid-Scale Energy Storage

HyperStrong’s utility-scale energy storage solution, represented by the Hyperblock II model CG/HSL10AD-20H3727A, offers impressive technical specifications that make it a powerful asset in the renewable energy landscape. With a rated energy capacity of 3.72MWh-DC, the system provides a substantial amount of energy storage to meet the demands of utility-scale operations. The liquid-cooling ESS design, coupled with LFP-280Ah battery cells, ensures efficient and reliable performance even in challenging operating conditions.

Industry-Recognized Certifications for Safety and Compliance

HyperStrong prioritizes safety and compliance, and their utility-scale energy storage solution is backed by industry-recognized certifications. The system meets stringent standards such as UN38.3, IEC61000, IEC62619, IEC60730, IEC63056, IEC62477, UL9540A, UL1973, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance. These certifications provide customers with confidence in the reliability and compliance of the HyperStrong energy storage solution, making it an ideal choice for utility-scale applications where safety and regulatory compliance are paramount.


The utility-scale renewable energy storage solution from HyperStrong offers a comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to empower the transition towards a sustainable and stable electricity system. With its impressive technical specifications, including high energy capacity and industry-recognized certifications, HyperStrong is enabling the seamless integration of renewable energy and grid balancing at a utility-scale level. By leveraging these cutting-edge solutions, HyperStrong is driving the transformation of the energy landscape, supporting a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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