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How to seek professional help for free.

Finding the right SEO help can be frustrating for site owners. There is a lot of information to navigate, with varying levels of quality and accuracy. It’s difficult to get in touch with SEO practitioners at the top of their field. That said, there are sites that can put your questions in front of world-leading experts of almost any topic for free. Use the below sites for highly technical responses, and you can create an army of Internet experts to try to solve your problem for you.

The key to success with the below resources is to be specific. The more specific you are, and the more information you provide, you increase your chances you will receive a detailed answer that will point you in the right direction. For greater results, post your question on all of the sites below, and sit back and wait for the answers to come in. You will get more answers and will be in a better position to consider which solution is best.

MOZ’s Q&A forums used to be private, but eventually recently released this feature open to the public. Here you can speak with a large number of SEO professionals directly and attract high quality answers to your questions. Great for SEO specific problems.

Quora is an all-round Q&A posting board, where you can get a question answered on almost anything. On Quora, questions are often answered by highprofile experts. Marketers, business owners, you name it, there are many leading industry authorities posting answers to questions on Quora.

Created by the founders of Pro Webmasters, Stack Overflow is a community of web developers answering web development related questions. If you have a very technical question related to your site, or if you just want to keep your web developer honest by getting a second opinion, Stack Overflow is a great resource for getting highly technical questions answered

If your site is built on WordPress, it’s inevitable you will eventually encounter some kind of technical hurdle. The WordPress Answers Q&A board is a great resource to seek out help.

This discussion board on the High Rankings forum is specifically related to users having trouble getting their site to rank in Google. Here you will find answers for tough questions with a fast turnaround time. As is the case with all discussion boards, you can have a lively discussion about any topic, but you should always cross-reference and verify any information you receive.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen listings for local business appearing at the top of some search results in Google. Local listings— previously known as Google Place page listings, now known as Google+ pages —are a great tool for local businesses looking to get more customers. Local search results differ from traditional ‘organic’ search results, as they are a search engine result representing a local business, instead of a web page like normal search results.

Last word

Users can see business contact details at a glance, and find the information they need, instead of having to click through and dig around a clunky business site. Local SEO can be a powerful tool to attract traffic. In many cases, local SEO can lead to many more inquiries for local businesses than regular SEO rankings. Does this mean you should scrap traditional SEO in favor of local SEO? Nope. You can do both, and increase the amount of potential traffic your site can receive

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