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Make Goals for Your Social Media Impact


There isn’t any point in being vague about the goals you’re setting. Otherwise, you won’t have a clear target you can aim for. Therefore, be specific. For example: Increase the website traffic to our company blog using links shared twice a week on social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.


If you want to know whether your social media marketing plan and subsequent actions are making your company money or increasing exposure to potential customers or clients, then you need to make measurable goals. Vague, immeasurable goals might allow you to see a slight improvement or guess at one, but a measurable goal is more specific than that.


This is the number one mistake many companies and individuals make when they’re setting a goal. They make it unattainable because they want to accomplish everything at once. There isn’t an easy button for goals. If you try to push too far, you’ll set yourself up for failure right away. Therefore, make your goals challenging, but also make sure they’re realistic.


Lastly, you need to set a timeframe for the goal. Without a timeframe, goals are open-ended and don’t encourage you to set up small goals along the way to meet a deadline. Timeframes help you stay accountable, driven, and less likely to stray from the path when it comes to putting a plan in action.

: Create Social Media Profiles

You have your goals pinned down, so it’s time to start creating profiles that will wow your potential customers and clients. There are a few mini steps to this one. So let’s begin with the first one – figuring out what social media networks you should join.

What Social Networks to Join

There are unique aspects to every social media outlet out there. What works on one social media network isn’t going to work on another, and the primary characteristics of each network can vary greatly. You don’t need to be active on every social media network! The key is to focus on just one or two that will help you best achieve your social media marketing plan.

Perform an Audit for Yourself and Competitors

If you’ve already created a presence on social media sites, the time you plan out a marketing plan is the perfect time to perform an audit. Audits ensure all your social media profiles are up to date, and it gives you an insight into how competitors are performing. Take a look at the following checklists to help you get started with an in-depth audit of your profiles and your competitor’s profiles.

Establishing a Tone of Voice

Just as with any form of marketing, the way you speak or write to your audience has a significant impact on how they view your company and you. Brand personality is a set of associative and emotional characteristics that are connected to a brand or company name. These things will shape how people view a company and how they interact with a company. Often, brand’s personalities mirror that of their target customers.

Creating a Post Strategy

You can have the best looking social media profile and the best intentions in the world, but when you don’t have a content plan and a posting strategy, all those efforts can go to waste. Rather than plowing ahead without a plan, take a little time to build a posting strategy that is going to knock the competition right out of the water.

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Last word

An excellent way to keep track of your progress and when to post is to keep a social media content calendar. This will help you plan for weeks or months ahead of time and give you an idea of the content you’ll be posting on social media. This will help prevent you from posting inconsistently and randomly, and it will let you build themes into your updates weekly, monthly, and seasonally.

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