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Versatile Brightness Control for Every Setting: Delving into the ZY-E1 CCTV Camera

Protect your property with ieGeek‘s ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera. This advanced security solution combines the functionality of a floodlight with the surveillance capabilities of a camera, providing you with comprehensive security coverage. With its manual adjustable detection sensitivity, the ZY-E1 allows you to customize the motion detection settings to suit your specific needs. Experience peace of mind and enhanced security with this versatile floodlight camera.

Manual Adjustable Detection Sensitivity

The ieGeek ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera offers manual adjustable detection sensitivity, allowing you to fine-tune the motion detection settings. With a range of 1-10 sensitivity levels, you can customize the camera’s response to different objects and scenarios. This flexibility ensures that the camera can detect and capture the movements that matter to you. By setting different detection levels, you can prioritize the detection of specific objects, such as humans or animals. This feature enables you to monitor not only the activities of your family members but also the behavior of small animals in your yard. Whether you want to keep an eye on your children playing or ensure the safety of your pets, the ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera allows you to tailor the detection sensitivity to your specific requirements. With the manual adjustable detection sensitivity feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that the ZY-E1 will capture the activities that matter to you, while minimizing false alarms caused by irrelevant motion.


Secure your property with ieGeek’s ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera. Benefit from its advanced features, including the manual adjustable detection sensitivity, which allows you to customize the motion detection settings. With the ability to set different detection levels, you can prioritize the monitoring of specific objects, ensuring that the camera captures the activities that matter to you. Trust ieGeek’s ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera to provide comprehensive security coverage and enhanced peace of mind for you and your family.

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