What is Phom? Instructions for playing phom cards for beginners

What is Phom?? Joining the game Phom, you will discover a vibrant and exciting experience in the world of classic card games. If you are starting with Phom and want to learn about the rules and important details. Please refer toright Instructions in the following article at Trang chủ New88 đăng nhập.

1. What is Phom?

Phom is also known as la ta la, tu ly kho ta la. It has long been a card game loved and enjoyed by many people. In the most popular version of this game, it is called phom 9 cards. Players will spend most of their time and effort “stealing” cards from their opponents or trying to “pick” cards from the pile.

All aimed at creating reasonable and strong phom sets for yourself. This is the core of strategy and competition in the game. When each player’s move can be an important decision between victory and defeat.

2. Terminology when playing phom

Below are some common terms that you need to know when participating in the game Phom ta la, to help you not feel unfamiliar when playing with friends:

  • Phom: These are sets of three cards of the same suit and consecutively or of the same value.
  • Junk cards: In the Phom game, cards that are considered to be impossible to combine into phom or do not belong to any phom are called junk cards.
  • Stacks: Are the remaining cards after being dealt to players, they are placed in the middle of the table and ready to be picked up during rounds.
  • Nom: When the hand ends and no phoms are dealt, the cards at the toe will be considered a nom.
  • Buzz: If all 9 cards in your hand form phoms, you will “buzz” and win.
  • Taking the pawn: In the final turn, releasing junk cards is called “taking the pawn”.
  • Temple: In case you hit the pin but the next person wins and buzzes, you will have to pay the whole village.
  • Re: If the next person takes, the trash cards will be moved and you will have the opportunity to re-deal.
  • Submit: If your card can be matched with the previous player’s phom, you can submit a card to reduce the score of your card.

3. Standard rules of playing phom

The rules of Phom card game are as follows:

  • Every time you lose a card, you will have to pay the winner a bet. In case the card is captured in the last round, you will have to pay 4 bets.
  • If the next player takes all 3 of your cards and busts, you will have to pay everyone’s bet (the whole village).
  • If the last player takes the pin card, the person who threw that pin will have to pay the bet on behalf of the losers.
  • When a player is buzzed, the game will end and the other players will have to pay the buzzer’s bet.
  • In case there is no buzzer, the player needs to lower phom after finishing the card draws. Then, everyone will calculate points from the junk cards to compare scores with each other. The player with the lowest score wins and receives bets from other players, in order of score.
  • The player’s score will be calculated based on the numbers on the card, with the exception of cards A, J, Q and K which have points of 1, 11, 12 and 13 respectively.
  • In case players have the same number of points, the person who plays first will win.
  • The player with a toothache will be considered the last runner-up and must pay the winner’s bet.

4. How to play phom for new players

Each game of phom usually involves 2 to 4 people, and each person will receive 9 cards from a deck of 52 cards. However, the dealer will be dealt 10 cards and is responsible for playing first.
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The person holding 10 cards will have to start by playing one card, and then the next players will take turns playing cards clockwise from the first player.

Each player makes a card, and the next person who can make a phom from that card can “take” and then play a trash card to continue the round.

In case the player cannot “take” the previous person’s card, the player must pick a card from the deck. After that, you must also play a junk card or play the card you just picked if it doesn’t match the phom.

Such a playing process will continue until the end of 4 turns of cards (or more depending on the player’s rules). In the final round, players need to be careful so as not to “take the pin” or have to pay the bet for the entire table.

After lowering the phom, the player can send cards if the cards in hand match the previous player’s lowered phoms. And these submitted cards will not be counted. Posting more will increase your chances of winning.

If all of his cards are sent, the player will be considered “buzzed” and win. In case someone “buzzes”, they will win absolutely and the other players will have to pay that person’s bet. If there is no “buzz”, players will count points from the cards in hand to determine rank, and do not count phom points if any.

5. Conclusion

Hopefully the instructions on how to play phom and standard phom rules for beginners from New88 will help you better understand this game. Hope you have interesting moments when participating in this card game.

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