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EvoTec Power: What It Is And Why You Should Use It

A blog about a reliable self-excitation alternator supplier called EvoTec Power and the benefits of their product.

Why Should You Use EvoTec Power?

As a leading generator manufacturer, EvoTec Power’s product has a “Short Structure Design,” more than 100mm shorter than similar motors. The excellent ventilation and heat dissipation enable our machines to extend service life. With enclosure characteristics up to IP55, it can withstand extreme environments. Here you can find application solutions for most industries.

“No Copy” is the most distinctive feature of products. EvoTec Power insists on the independence of the entire process, including design, processing, and manufacturing. Committed to researching and developing the best alternator is their goal. They have launched Industrial, Marine, and High Voltage Series Alternators and provide customized services.

EvoTec has established one of the largest generator R&D centers in China. It is responsible for the new product R&D and providing personalized, customized services. EvoTec offers its customers technical assistance services for all pre-sales and after-sales support.

EvoTec Power: IP44 Special Customized Generator TCU228 50/5313kVA

  1. Shorter dimension design; a.Better Ventilation and heat dissipation; b.Substantial cost saving, especially when assembling with canopy enclosure or soundproofing system;
  2. Unique and Prominent Appearanceļ¼ŒHigh Identification; a. NO Copy b. Original and Patented
  3. Additional marine varnish to ensure Moistureproof, Mould Proof, and Anti-fogging;
  4. 40 design patents, 3 patents on appearance;


EvoTec Power is a revolutionary new way to power your devices, and it’s something everyone should be using. So if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly self-excitation alternator, EvoTec Power is a perfect choice.

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